Lucky Miles’ Core Values of Accountability, Integrity, Respect, Perseverance and Continuous Improvement are the essence of the company’s identity. These Core Values are source of inspiration to create vibrant company culture and support our vision as we lead the way to a brighter future of our company.


We are committed to do the highest quality of work… We are responsible to complete the task we are assigned, perform the duties required by our job. We will work together to achieve the goals of our organization.


We do what is right, at all times…We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. Acting honestly and honor without compromising the truth.


We treat others as we expect to be treated… We embrace each individual’s unique talents and honor diverse life and work styles. We operate in a spirit of cooperation and value human dignity.

Continuous Improvement

We are a learning organization… We measure, monitor, analyze and improve productivity, processes, tasks and ourselves to satisfy clients and stakeholders. We work enthusiasm and intellect, and are driven to surpass what has already been achieved. We are not afraid to stand alone, especially when it is the right thing to do.


We pursue our goals in spite of obstacles…We never give up in the face of resistance. We push hard and We stand strong.